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Global studies in human and social sciences

The globalization process has radically transformed what is commonly called the "Humanities and social sciences". Since their formation and institutionalization, history, literature, philosophy, sociology, etc., developed within the silos of national cultures and political borders.

Of course each discipline develop strong comparative programs, exchange of methods, debates on the rich knowledge being produced.

The "Humanities" were considered an expression of the "spirit", the "culture", even the "historical essence" of a nation or civilization. In this conceptual frame, "philosophy" was the study and expression of this "spirit". Literature (poetry inside literature) was also an expression and construction of the "spirit" of nations.

The criticism of these presuppositions explains why the "Humanities" have now become in France "human sciences". But the distinction and interaction between human and social sciences remain an issue, even in France after Bourdieu, Deleuze and Foucault.

Today the silos are crumbling down.
A radical transition is taking place. "World history" or "Global history" are just names of a first step.

The goal is to explore this new context, both at a theoretical and at a practical level. The goal is to produce knowledge.

Our ambition is to debate some concepts, problems and methods proper to an age of robust interaction amongst national cultures, models of society, conceptions of life and Humanity, the Arts (including literature) and philosophy.

It is time to diagnose what postmodern really meant in order to overcome its rhetoric. The problem is to explore the present conjuncture, the concepts, issues and theories, which are giving shape to a new field of research and debate in human and social sciences.