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Session 4. Increasing uncertainties, irreversible transformation

vendredi 24 avril 2015

At this point, the debate becomes a collective research.

The input of participants is crucial. They should look for documents, select issues and prepare questions. These documents can circulate in advance.

The problem is to explore how to restaure and intensify research diversity. How to go about it ?

It is a question of differentiation. The problem is to generate "difference" without falling into the trap of negative oppositions and conflicts.

More generally the problem is : how does a society evolve ? How can we organize and perform change ?

The search for other types of differentiation

The first type of differentiation is the one proposed by Ulrich Hilpert and Juliane Doeschner, studied and discussed during session 3.
Other types of differentiation can be explored.

To address and solve "social problems", to respond to demand by "users"

The conception and role of "unions" today

Many thanks to Michael Vassilliadis for having sent his text.
I insist on this text. I did change of course the title, I just gave a clue of a possible interpretation according to this seminar’s orientation. I understand that this interpretation provably differs from the author’s intention.

So I ask that participants to read this text carefully so that we have an open discussion on what is at stake in this text.

The role and function of “design”

Social innovation, institutional innovation, deliberative democracy, etc.

Forced to change : the case of Japan and the Fukushima catastrophe

The energy transition

Collaboration as constructive competition.

The irreversible transformation : growing environmental constraints

Digital revolution (outside the scope of the present seminar).

"Energy transition” versus “climate change”

A recent personal paper written for the German Academy of Technology (Munich, 11 2014) will be added for discussion.