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Session 1. General presentation. Historical contexts, present situation.

jeudi 23 avril 2015

General presentation. Historical contexts, present situation

(AM Rieu, power point presentation "Competing models of research & innovation in perpective")

Our epistemic condition

The present context is characterized by two irreversible evolutions :

1. the digital revolution,
2. the energy transition.

Because this context is the implicit background of this seminar. It constitutes our "epistemic condition". But it will not be explicitly addressed before session 4. It certainly can be discussed at any moment.

Concepts and issues

1. The two paradigms of social sciences

2. The question of Germany’s scientific trajectory ? Is it really different from France or England ?

This is an ambiguous but important issue. Participants are asked to study this problem in advance and prepare documents for a real debate. They should be careful not to fall in established clichés.

Participants are asked to frame the debate.

They can rely on philosophical texts, for instance Heidegger’s text on technology or Habermas’s book of the late 1960s “science and technology as ideology”.

What do you think of Heidegger’s conception of technology ? How would you criticize it ?

3. Explaining the discontinuity of techno-industrial change (based on the work of Gilbert Simondon and Bertrand Gille)